Schedule 2022

Schedule for participants and jury 2022.

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Friday 26 August
1700-1900: Registration of candidates
1900-2000: Opening of competition and drawing of order for candidates

Saturday 27 August
Troldhaugen, Troldsalen, 1st round, day 1
1000-1040: Cand. 1: JongHo Won 
1040-1120: Cand. 2: Qi Kong
1120-1200: Cand. 3: Xianfei Liu
1200-1240: Cand. 4: Guillaume Sigier
1240-1340: Lunch
1340-1420: Cand. 5: Julian Jaeyoung Kim
1420-1500: Cand. 6: Aleksandra Świgut
1500-1540: Cand. 7: Xuehong Chen
1540-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1640: Cand. 8: Fuko Ishii
1640-1720: Cand. 9: Hoyel Lee
1720-1800: Cand. 10: Ido Zeev

Sunday 28 August
Troldhaugen, Troldsalen, 1st round, day 2
1000-1040: Cand. 11: David Aladashvili
1040-1120: Cand. 12: Gabrielė Sutkutė
1120-1200: Cand. 13: Mohammed Alshaikh
1200-1240: Cand. 14: Jacopo Giovannini
1240-1340: Lunch
1340-1420: Cand. 15: Jan Wachowski
1420-1500: Cand. 16: Shigetoshi Ezawa
1500-1540: Cand. 17: Elia Cecino
1540-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1640: Cand. 18: Kieun An
1640-1720: Cand. 19: Hripsime Aghakaryan
1720-1800: Cand. 20: Dohyun Lee

Monday 29 August
Troldhaugen, Troldsalen, 1st round, day 3
1000-1040: Cand. 21: Da Young Kim
1040-1120: Cand. 22: Jiyoung Kim
1120-1200: Cand. 23: Dina Ivanova
1200-1240: Cand. 24: Janos Palojtay
1240-1340: Lunch
1340-1420: Cand. 25: Yoonji Kim
1420-1500: Cand. 26: Zifan Ye
1500-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1615: Announcement of results

Tuesday 30 August
Troldhaugen, Troldsalen, 2nd round
0930-1010: Cand. A: Guillaume Sigier
1010-1050: Cand. B: Aleksandra Świgut
1050-1130: Cand. C: Fuko Ishii
1130-1210: Cand. D: Gabrielė Sutkutė
1210-1310: Lunch
1310-1350: Cand. E: Jacopo Giovannini
1350-1430: Cand. F: Elia Cecino
1430-1510: Cand. G: Hripsime Aghakaryan
1510-1550: Cand. H: Dohyun Lee
1550-1620: Fruits / Snacks
1620-1700: Cand. I: Dina Ivanova
1700-1740: Cand. J: Janos Palojtay
1740-1820: Cand. K: Yoonji Kim
1820-1900: Cand. L: Zifan Ye
1900-1945: Fruits / Snacks
1945-2000: Announcement of results

Concerts in Vestland county with participants from the competition:
1900: Erdal Church in Askøy municipality
1900: "Knarren" (concert scene at Knarvik Secondary School) in Alver municipality
1900: Oseana Art and Cultural Center in Bjørnafjorden municipality
1900: Kabuso Art Center in Kvam municipality
1900: Valestrand Cultural Church in Sveio municipality

Wednesday 31 August
Troldhaugen, Troldsalen, Semi-final
0900-1100: Semi-finalists rehearse with the violinist
1100-1200: Cand. a: Guillaume Sigier
1200-1300: Cand. b: Aleksandra Świgut
1300-1400: Cand. c: Fuko Ishii
1400-1600: Lunch / Semi-finalists rehearse with the violinist
1600-1700: Cand. d: Gabrielė Sutkutė
1700-1800: Cand. e: Elia Cecino
1800-1900: Cand. f: Zifan Ye
1900-1945: Fruits / Snacks
1945-2000: Announcement of results

The University Aula, Bergen
1130-1300: Concert with participants from the competition

Thursday 1 September
Trip to Hardanger, Voss and the Ole Bull Academy
1000: Bus from Grand Hotel Terminus (Bergen city centre)
Stop at Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall
1245-1415: Lunch at Jaunsen Inn, Granvin
1415-1445: Bus to Voss and the Ole Bull Academy
1500-1600: “The roots of Edvard Grieg: Ole Bull and Norwegian Folk Music”
Concert by Ellen Marie Selland Geithung, vocal, Håkon Asheim, Hardanger fiddle, and Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano.
1615-1830 (approx.): Return to Bergen city centre by bus 
If you want to stay longer in Voss: Return to Bergen by train (runs every hour), at own cost. The train from Voss to Bergen takes about 1h 15m. 
The trip is for participants and jury only. The concert is free and open for audience.

Friday 2 September
1000-1100: Guided tour at Troldhaugen by Curator Monica Jangaard

1100-1200: “Grieg going baroque”
Pianist Liv Glaser sharing experiences on the Holberg Suite with an eye on performance practice of the past. (Troldsalen).

In cooperation with The International Edvard Grieg Society and Centre for Grieg Research.
1200-1330: Lunch
1330: Bus coach from Troldhaugen to the Grieg Academy

Grieg Academy
1400-1700: Masterclass with jury member Lilya Zilberstein

1730-1900: Reception with a light meal for participants and jury

1930: Recital with Bruce Liu, winner of the Chopin Competition 2021

1630-2100: Rehearsal for finalists with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Saturday 3 September
Trip to Harald Sæverud Museum Siljustøl
 - the home of composer Harald Sæverud.
1000-1045: Bybanen (Bergen light rail) from Byparken stop (Bergen city center) at 1000 to Råstølen stop at 1033, then a 10 minutes’ walk to the property.  
1100-1130: Guided tour of the house 
1145-1245: “Harald Sæverud, Fartein Valen and Geirr Tveitt" 
The pianist Einar Røttingen presents piano works by three 20th century  Norwegian composers 
1300-1400: A light meal, a short walk through the property, and return to Bergen central with Bybanen. 
For participants and jury only.

1000-1300: Rehearsal for finalists with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

1800-2000: Final with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Finalist 1: Fuko Ishii (Edvard Grieg: Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16)
Finalist 2: Aleksandra Świgut (Frédéric Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11)
Finalist 3: Zifan Ye (Edvard Grieg: Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16

2000-2030: Voting for the Audience Prize
2030-2100: Announcement of winners, Prize Ceremony

2100: Closing party with a light meal

Changes may occur.