How to apply

The application deadline is 20 April, 2022, at 23:59 CEST.

Apply here:

The 2022 competition is held in Bergen, Norway, from 26 August - 3 September 2022.

It will be open to all pianists of all nationalities born in the years 1987-2005, but with the following exceptions:
    •    The applicant is a former 1st prize winner at the Competition
    •    The applicant is a close relative of a Juror.
    •    The applicant is currently a Juror’s student at an institution or receives regular private lessons from a Juror.
    •    The applicant has been a student of a Juror in such terms after 26 August 2017, or had one or more private lessons with a Juror during the same period.

Participants who are accepted to the Competition in Bergen are not allowed to take any lesson or participate at any masterclass with a Juror from the date of the application until the end of the Competition.
Important information about the pre-qualification videos:
It is possible to use different recordings for different pieces (live recordings are also accepted), as long as the required repertoire is included. Multi-camera recordings are accepted, but editing of the audio within one piece is not allowed (it has to be one continuous recording). Recordings may not be older than 20 April 2019. Please include the name(s) of the venue(s) and the date(s) of the recording(s). You will find more information about videos in the "Uploads" section of the application portal.

Please note that the same piece cannot be played in different rounds of the Competition (not even a single movement). The pre-qualification video is regarded as one round of the Competition.

For the application to be considered, an application fee of EURO 100 must be paid together with your application – all major debit and credit cards are accepted – at the last stage of the online application. The application fee will be refunded to the selected participants who take part in the Competition in Bergen.




The 17th International Edvard Grieg Piano Competition will take place in Bergen. (photo: Bergen Tourist Board/Oddleiv Apneseth)