Audience Program 2016

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  • There will be a free shuttle transport between Hop station at "Bybanen" and Troldhaugen, see timetable.
  • Audiences are invited to take part in the daily Listeners' Forum at Troldhaugen.
  • Lunch may be purchased at Restaurant Troldhaugen.



Saturday 3 September 
Troldhaugen, 1st round, day 1
0900-0945: Listeners’ forum by Annabel Guaita with Grieg biographer Erling Dahl jr.
1000-1040: Cand. 1: Antoine de Grolée
1040-1120: Cand. 2: Anna Grot
1120-1200: Cand. 3: Anton Igubnov
1200-1240: Cand. 4: Andrei Iliushkin
1240-1340: Lunch / Listeners’ forum. Guest: Pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus
1340-1420: Cand. 5: Joanna Kacperek
1420-1500: Cand. 6: Mariam Kharatyan
1500-1540: Cand. 7: Zhenni Li
1540-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1640: Cand. 8: Łukasz Mikołajczyk
1640-1720: Cand. 9: Kenji Miura
1720-1800: Cand. 10: Nozomi Nakagiri
1800-1830: Listeners’ forum
Free entrance

Sunday 4 September
Troldhaugen, 1st round, day 2
0900-0945: Listeners’ forum by Annabel Guaita with pianist Rune Alver
1000-1040: Cand. 11: Yoshito Numasawa
1040-1120: Cand. 12: Lars Fredrik Nystad
1120-1200: Cand. 13: Ilya Ramlav
1200-1240: Cand. 14: Anastasia Rizikov
1240-1340: Lunch / Listeners’ forum. Guest: Pianist Einar Røttingen
1340-1420: Cand. 15: Zhora Sargsyan
1420-1500: Cand. 16: Justas Stasevskij
1500-1540: Cand. 17: Darya Tchaikovsky
1540-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1640: Cand. 18: Rhythmie Wong
1640-1720: Cand. 19: Sean Yeh
1720-1800: Cand. 20: Andrew Yiangou
1800-1830: Listeners’ forum
Free entrance

Monday 5 September
Troldhaugen, 1st round, day 3
0900-0945: Listeners’ forum by Annabel Guaita with pianist Turid Bakke Braut

1000-1040: Cand. 21: Maria Yulin
1040-1120: Cand. 22: Kevin Ahfat
1120-1200: Cand. 23: Ah Ruem Ahn
1200-1240: Cand. 24: Miyako Arishima
1240-1340: Lunch / Listeners’ forum. Guest: Pianist Signe Bakke.
1340-1420: Cand. 25: Vsevolod Brigida
1420-1500: Cand. 26: Łukasz Byrdy
1500-1540: Cand. 27: Ben Cruchley
1540-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1640: Cand. 28: Anastasia Frolova
1640-1710: Listeners’ forum
1725-1740: Announcement of results
Free entrance

Tuesday 6 September
Troldhaugen, 2nd round
0830-0915: Listeners’ forum by Annabel Guaita with composer Christian Blom
0930-1010: Cand. A: Anton Igubnov
1010-1050: Cand. B: Joanna Kacperek
1050-1130: Cand. C: Mariam Kharatyan
1130-1210: Cand. D: Zhenni Li
1210-1310: Lunch / Listeners’ forum. Guest: Pianist Else Olsen S.
1310-1350: Cand. E: Nozomi Nakagiri
1350-1430: Cand. F: Lars Fredrik Nystad
1430-1510: Cand. G: Anastasia Rizikov
1510-1550: Cand. H: Andrew Yiangou
1550-1620: Fruits / Snacks
1620-1700: Cand. I: Ah Ruem Ahn
1700-1740: Cand. J: Vsevolod Brigida
1740-1820: Cand. K: Łukasz Byrdy
1820-1900: Cand. L: Ben Cruchley
1900-1930: Listeners’ forum
1945-2000: Announcement of results
Free entrance

Concerts in Hordaland county with participants from the competition:
1900-: Erdal Church, Askøy
1900-: Nordgardsløa, Frekhaug
1900-: Valestrand Church, Valevåg
1930-: Kabuso, Øystese

Wednesday 7 September
Troldhaugen, Semi-final
1000-1045: Listeners’ forum by Annabel Guaita with pianist Audun Kayser
1100-1200: Cand. a: Mariam Kharatyan
1200-1300: Cand. b: Zhenni Li
1300-1400: Cand. c: Nozomi Nakagiri
1400-1500: Lunch
1500-1545: Listeners’ forum. Guest: Chairman of the jury Einar Steen-Nøkleberg
1600-1700: Cand. d: Andrew Yiangou
1700-1800: Cand. e: Ah Ruem Ahn
1800-1900: Cand. f: Ben Cruchley
1900-1930: Listeners’ forum
1945-2000: Announcement of results
Free entrance

The University Aula in Bergen
1130-: Concert with competition participants
Free entrance

Thursday 8 September
"Nature, Culture and Music"
0850-1055: Boat departure from Strandkaien (city centre)
1055-1130: Guided walk to Rosendal Manor through the English garden
1130-1200: Guided tour of the Manor
1200-1245: Concert in “Røde Sal” by competition participants / semi-finalists
1300-1345: Lunch
1425-1620: Return to Bergen city centre by boat
Tickets NOK 800 for sale at

Friday 9 September
1000-1100: Guided tour at Troldhaugen
1100-1230: Edvard Grieg and the Macrofantasy:
Meet the composer Olav Anton Thommessen in conversation with Glenn Erik Haugland.
1230-1330: Lunch at Restaurant Troldhaugen (for sale)
1330: Bus coach from Troldhaugen to the Grieg Academy
Free entrance

Grieg Academy
1400-1700: Masterclass with jury member Jan Jiracek von Arnim
Free entrance

1930-: Piano recital with Seong-Jin Cho, winner of the 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition, Warsaw 2015
Tickets: NOK 250 (children/students NOK 100) for sale at the entrance or at

Saturday 10 September
1000-1100: Boat trip from “Dreggekaien” Quay at Bryggen (city centre) to Ole Bull’s home “Lysøen”
1130-1300: “The Roots of Edvard Grieg: Ole Bull and Norwegian Folk Music”, concert by Nils Økland, Hardanger fiddle, and Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano. Introduction by Mari Lyssand.
1300-1400: Lunch, traditional food from Norway
1400-1500: Boat trip back to Bergen city centre
Tickets NOK 400 for sale at

1800-2000: Final with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Finalist 1: Ben Cruchley (Schumann: Piano Concerto)
Finalist 2: Zhenni Li (Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4)
Finalist 3: Ah Ruem Ahn (Schumann: Piano Concerto)
2000-2030: Voting for the Audience Prize
2030-2100: Announcement of winners, Prize Ceremony
Tickets NOK 470/420/340 (children/students NOK 100) at

The Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation is the main sponsor and the exclusive private contributor to the competition.

Troldsalen, photo by Helge Skodvin.