Audience programme 2014

We offer our audience an extensive programme, partly free of charge.

For participants and jury, see Schedule

All events at Troldhaugen are free of charge, as is the masterclass at the Grieg Academy. There will be a free shuttle bus service between Hop station at "Bybanen" and Troldhaugen, see timetable here. Tickets may be bought separately for the concerts in Håkonshallen and Grieghallen, and for the Lysøen trip, see the tickets section. We can also offer a discounted Audience Package. Lunch may be bought at Restaurant Troldhaugen. You can also join our informal listener's forum "Find your finalist" daily at Troldhaugen.

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Sunday 12 October 
Troldhaugen, 1st round, day 1
0900-0945: "Find your finalist" by Grieg biographer Erling Dahl jr.

1000-1040: Cand. 1: Daniel Reith
1040-1120: Cand. 2: Vasily Salnikov
1120-1200: Cand. 3: Marina Kan Selvik
1200-1240: Cand. 4: Anastasia Sobyanina
1240-1340: Lunch / "Find your finalist"
1340-1420: Cand. 5: Jiayan Sun
1420-1500: Cand. 6: Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev
1500-1540: Cand. 7: Katharina Treutler
1540-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1640: Cand. 8: Viller Valbonesi
1640-1720: Cand. 9: Shih-Man Weng
1720-1750: "Find your finalist"

Monday 13 October
Troldhaugen, 1st round, day 2
0900-0945: "Find your finalist" by pianist Signe Bakke
1000-1040: Cand. 10: Stephen Whale
1040-1120: Cand. 11: Aiko Yajima
1120-1200: Cand. 12: Sebastian Berakdar
1200-1240: Cand. 13: Evelyne Berezovsky
1240-1340: Lunch / "Find your finalist"
1340-1420: Cand. 14: Evgeny Brakhman
1420-1500: Cand. 15: Joachim Carr
1500-1540: Cand. 16: Ole Christian Haagenrud
1540-1600: Fruits / Snacks
1600-1640: Cand. 17: Peter Friis Johansson
1640-1720: Cand. 18: Shoko Kawasaki
1720-1750: "Find your finalist"

Tuesday 14 October
Troldhaugen, 1st round, day 3
0900-0945: "Find your finalist" by pianist Rune Alver
1000-1040: Cand. 19: Mariam Kharatyan
1040-1120: Cand. 20: Piotr Kosinski
1120-1200: Cand. 21: Tuomas Kyyhkynen
1200-1240: Cand. 22: Keisuke Nakamura
1240-1340: Lunch / "Find your finalist"
1340-1420: Cand. 23: Oleksandr Poliykov
1420-1500: Cand. 24: Jared Redmond
1500-1530: "Find your finalist"
1545-1600: Announcement of results

Wednesday 15 October
Troldhaugen, 2nd round
0830-0915: "Find your finalist" by pianist Audun Kayser
0930-1010: Cand. A: 
Marina Kan Selvik
1010-1050: Cand. B: Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev
1050-1130: Cand. C: Katharina Treutler
1130-1210: Cand. D: Viller Valbonesi
1210-1310: Lunch / "Find your finalist"
1310-1350: Cand. E: 
Aiko Yajima
1350-1430: Cand. F: Evelyne Berezovsky
1430-1510: Cand. G: Evgeny Brakhman
1510-1550: Cand. H: Joachim Carr
1550-1620: Fruits / Snacks
1620-1700: Cand. I: 
Peter Friis Johansson 
1700-1740: Cand. J: 
Shoko Kawasaki
1740-1820: Cand. K: Mariam Kharatyan
1820-1900: Cand. L: Oleksandr Poliykov
1900-1930: "Find your finalist"
1930-1945: Announcement of results

Concerts in Hordaland county with participants from the competition:
1900:  Valestrand cultural church, Valevåg
1930:  Ole Bull Academy, Voss
1930:  Kabuso, Oystese
1930:  Knarren, knarvik upper secondary school, Knarvik (Musikkens Friends Nordhordland)

Thursday 16 October
Troldhaugen, Semi-final
1000-1045: "Find your finalist" by chairman of the jury Einar Steen-Nøkleberg
1100-1200: Cand. a: Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev
1200-1300: Cand. b: Evgeny Brakhman
1300-1400: Cand. c: Joachim Carr
1400-1500: Lunch
1500-1545: "Find your finalist" by Grieg biographer Erling Dahl jr.
1600-1700: Cand. dPeter Friis Johansson
1700-1800: Cand. e: Mariam Kharatyan
1800-1900: Cand. f: Oleksandr Poliykov
1900-1930: "Find your finalist" by Grieg biographer Erling Dahl jr.
1945-2000: Announcement of results

Galleri Nygaten
2030-: Reception with a light meal with participants and jury (only with the Audience Package)

Friday 17 October
1000-1045: Guided tour at Troldhaugen by museum docent Eilif B. Løtveit
1100-1145: Liv Glaser: "Grieg in the context of 19th century's pianism"
Ingfrid Breie Nyhus: "Remembering Grieg, Reinventing Tradition - new contributions to the Norwegian piano repertoire"
1230-1330: Lunch

Grieg Academy
1400-1700: Master class with pianist and jury member Dominique Merlet

1930-: Concert with pianist and jury member Ya-Fei Chuang

Håkonshallen tickets NOK 200 / Children under 19 yrs free / Students free. Order at
Also included in the Audience Package

Saturday 18 October
1000-1100: Boat trip from "Dreggekaien" Quay at Bryggen (city centre) to Ole Bull’s home “Lysøen”
1130-1300: “The Roots of Edvard Grieg: Ole Bull and Norwegian Folk-Music”,
concert by Nils Økland, Hardanger fiddle, and Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano, introduction by Mari Lyssand.
1300-1400: Lunch, traditional food from Norway
1400-1500: Boat trip back to Bergen city centre

Lysøen tickets NOK 300, order at
Also included in the Audience Package

1800-2000: Final with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Finalist 1: Peter Friis Johansson (Schumann: Piano Concerto)
Finalist 2: Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev (Grieg: Piano Concerto)
Finalist 3: Joachim Carr (Schumann: Piano Concerto)
2000-2030: Voting for the Audience Prize
2030-2100: Announcement of winners, Prize Ceremony
2100-: Closing party with a light meal (only with the Audience Package)

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Also included in the Audience Package